Don’t just take our word for it, here is what some of our teachers had to say…

George Nyström. Bahrain

Dynamic Personnel is a thoroughly professional and dedicated agency and helped me immensely in my search for work.. Their expertise and negotiating skills have helped me tremendously in seeking employment abroad. I was offered numerous interviews within a short period of time and this helped me in making my final decision as well as securing the right position. They have excellent people skills, are trustworthy, honest, very proficient, helpful with quick and accurate responses. They have a good practice of keeping in regular contact and supported me at each and every single step of the process providing me with tips and best practice to succeed. Also, they promptly updated me with the progress of my application at all times. I really felt well supported throughout and I strongly believe they are an important asset to the Recruitment sector. There was a certain personal touch which I observed with Dynamic Personnel that sets them apart from the rest. Overall, a quality service, with expert advice and support throughout the entire process.
I have no hesitation at all in recommending Dynamic Personnel to my colleagues and friends

Naazneen Mather, Saudi Arabia

Efficient and professional is exactly what the team at Dynamic Personnel is! This is my second contract through them and both times they have successfully found me a school that suited my needs. They went the extra way to get the necessary information I needed. My documents and visa was a smooth process! Thank you for both myself and my husband’s successful placement in the Middle East

Patty Daniels, Kuwait

1. April 2013 – I indicated I would like to be placed in the UAE
2. Instead Alicia approached me to do an interview in Kuwait for HOF, the rest is history.
4. It was an awesome learning experience – Head of Foundation, unbeknown to me, it prepared me for something much better.
5. The service at the agency was excellent, and the assistance I received was outstanding from both Alicia and Jolene.
6. September 2014 – I indicated I would like to be placed elsewhere, preference UAE
7. Feb 2015 I received a phone call from South Africa – Alicia arranged an interview at a school in the UAE
8. The service and the negotiations on Alicia’s part was more than just an effort.
9. She outdone herself and placed me successfully as a PRINCIPAL of a school.
10. Alicia and Jolene are an email and phone call away and once again they are so helpful and they do their work effortlessly.

Mo Motala, UAE

Need I say more. I never have to wonder or be unsure of anything regarding my placement, my school or any concerns regarding the paperwork. They are open and honest and have answered all my questions and addressed all my concerns.
I couldn’t be happier with the highly professional service I have received from Dynamic Personnel from the time we became acquainted 3 years ago. I was looking for a new and challenging experience in the teaching profession and with the help of the Dynamic Personnel team I was able to find that opportunity abroad in the Middle East. It was a pleasant and refreshing change to deal with a company that takes pride in delivering a professional and high quality service. From the moment of my first interview, to accepting a post abroad to arriving for the first time in the Middle East the Dynamic Personnel team was with me all the way. I particularly enjoyed being cared for so much by the team who were always on hand to answer my questions and work with all my paperwork swiftly. My move from South Africa to the Middle East was smooth and if anything very easy due to all the organization and help from the team. From the moment I left to the moment I arrived it was comforting to have the Dynamic Personnel team only a text message away, offering a helping and calming hand when arriving in a place I knew little about. I couldn’t have been in any better company! I have been in Abu Dhabi now for nearly two years now and at times I wonder to myself how I am even here! I am loving life in the Middle East and have made many friends from all over the world and enjoying every minute of my working life, social life and personal life. In the short time I’ve been here I’ve managed to tick so much off my bucket list. I’ve seen Justin Timberlake and other live shows, watched the Formula 1, travelled abroad on amazing holidays, watched professional sport live amongst many other things! I am truly grateful for all that has come my way and eternally grateful to the Dynamic Personnel team for the life changing experience.

Riva Mentoor, Kuwait

To go teach abroad was a big step for me. I was looking for an agency where I can step in and ask all my questions, but could not find one nearby. Then a friend told me about DYNAMIC PERSONNEL!!! Now I must tell you that I was not good with any technology and to send an e-mail………….need I say more? But fear nothing! The staff of Dynamic guided me step by step through the whole process. From the format of my cv, marketing me in the countries of my choice, arranging interviews, the attestation of my documents and the final farewell. I DIDN’T NEED AN AGENT FACE TO FACE!!! Dynamic Personnel was just a click or a call away. Thanks again to the staff of DYNAMIC PERSONNEL

Nashieta Keyhamdien, Sharjah UAE

I would like to thank Dynamic Personnel for their efficient service they had provided me with over the past 2 years. I have been a possible candidate for employment abroad and you made that possible. You have always been direct and honourable in the information you provided me with and kept mine confidential. I felt in the 2 years communicating with you was quick and effortless. I have now come to find a teaching post in the UAE and you made this possible. The process was again graceful and I had confidence you would arrange everything flawlessly and you did. I had no worry about departing for my journey, as I could gather from the start, that I was in the hands of professionals and this gave me a sense of comfort.
Thank you once more for doing a great job.

Bernita Holmes, Abu Dhabi, UAE

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dynamic Personnel for their help and support when recruiting me to the Middle East. Because of the high quality of service I received from them I can gladly recommend them to anyone. I am currently working in the Middle East and loving every moment of it. This place is beautiful, peaceful and the right place to rear up your children. I always had a problem or a deep concern if my husband would be able to relocate with me, well… with the proper recruitment both Alicia and Jolene gave me I was able to bring my husband with me and he is with me till this day.
Dynamic Personnel is a force to be reckoned with. I had sent them one email with my requirements and expectancies and they bowled me over when they went to huge lengths to meet my needs. From one email, to a speedy interview and interview tips, encouragement, to the quick follow up with the employer and feedback to me, to make sure I was settling in nicely and happy in my new position and even a personnel touch of a good luck message, ‘we know can do this!’, left me extremely pleased and contented.
Alicia and Jolene handled all my paperwork and the attestation of my documents with the outmost care. I had peace of mind when my documents was personally taken to the embassy in Pretoria, fetched on my behalf and courier back to be, perfect and in the order it should be. Thank you to this expert team and thorough professionalism and all the guidance and support they have given me. I would have NO hesitation in recommending them to aspiring candidates.

Jaleela Richards, UAE

Dynamic Personnel is very professional and “hands-on”. They updated us regularly on what is going on. When you phone them, they are helpful and go the extra mile. Keep up the ood work, Dynamic Personnel. I’ll recommend them any time!!

Laura Kleinhans, Saudi Arabia

My husband and I have both been working with Dynamic Personnel and with their Assistance we have both recieved teaching contracts at the same school in Saudi Arabia, a perfect situation for us. Thank to Dynamic Personnel, we are embarking on an exciting journey of teaching, and living in the Middle East.

Karin Coetzee, Qatar

I do know a lot of people who, when they decide to find employment abroad, do it themselves.
I decided to go the Dynamic Personnel route. What a blessing it has been.
When they were running around and sending documentations all over, Dynamic in their calm professional way took all the responsibilities and dealings over.
They found me an interview, arranged times and dates, and once I signed the contract, they just ran with everything , I knew exactly what was needed, who to contact and payments that needed to be made.
I would use Dynamic Personnel any day again and told all my friends to use them in future.

Sandra Odendaal, Saudi Arabia

Wow! What can I say? From the first moment we decided to do this journey, Dynamic was there to lead the way. The professional way everything was done , blew me away.
Jolene and Alicia, Thank you so much for being there all the way. Answering questions, the warm and loving people you 2 are, makes it easier to go through with this! We are really excited, and both information sessions brought clarity!

Thank you for your support, and all the support we are still going to receive from your company. Everyone at our school knows about Dynamic Personnel now, and I hope in future you will just grow as a company.

Aabida Rawoot, Qatar

In February, I registered with Dynamic Personnel in which I was greeted By Jolene. From day one she was always willing to help, she would always follow up and would always get back to me as soon as she could.
Throughout the process, I had Some difficult decisions to make, but Jolene was very helpful and understanding. She made the process very easy in which I would recommend any one to use Dynamic Personnel as their recruitment service.