Recruitment Services

Certified teacher recruitment

Dynamic Personnel makes it possible for international schools and authorities to have access to highly trained, certified and licensed teachers worldwide. Thanks to the agency’s excellent reputation in education circles in South Africa and abroad the team can offer clients a list of the best educators to choose from.
Our head office is based in Cape Town, South Africa and we have representation in Canada, the Middle East and Thailand.

Search for principals and administrator executives

Finding the right principal to run your school is a difficult and important task. Dynamic Personnel provides a personal service to schools to attract, screen and hire the perfect candidate. By utilizing the latest executive search techniques, Dynamic Personnel’s expert team locates the right administrator for your school or school board.

Recruitment solutions

Dynamic Personnel specializes in managing recruitment campaigns on behalf of third party clients. The management team has extensive experience in creating, running and facilitating recruitment drives and campaigns across the UK, South Africa, Canada, Australia and the whole of the Middle East and has been responsible for placing hundreds of candidates in positions in these regions.

The recruitment process includes:
Candidates are sourced and screened by a team of qualified recruiters
Appropriate CVs are matched and sent to clients for approval
Interviews (telephonic or via webcam) are arranged and candidates are prepared
Feedback is given, offers negotiated and finalized
Candidates are assisted with visa requirements and supported until departure

In addition to the basic recruitment process and service, Dynamic Personnel offers tailored recruitment campaigns:

Recruitment campaigns

If you wish to come to South Africa or Canada (Toronto) to interview candidates, Dynamic Personnel will arrange an advertising campaign to maximize your vacancies and draw more candidates. The usual screening process and short-listing will be done by the agency’s recruiters with an interview schedule set up prior to your arrival.

Dynamic Personnel will arrange an appropriate hotel or conference centre where a representative can conduct the interviews.
A representative from Dynamic Personnel will facilitate the process at the venue and prepare the candidates before and after the interview.
Once you have returned to your home country, Dynamic Personnel will continue to facilitate the process by presenting and negotiating offers, providing candidates with feedback and offering support until they arrive at their place of work.

This service can be offered in South Africa, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

With Dynamic Personnel’s local knowledge and experience, smooth interview schedules are ensured, with candidates knowing where they should be. It makes the interview process more focused and without unnecessary hold-ups. Support is given to successful candidates through the offer, acceptance and final preparation phases.
If you wish Dynamic Personnel to prepare a suitable recruitment solution for your organization or for more information you can request a brochure here.

Recruitment Services